A Comparison of visualization tools for Python – Part 2

Two weeks ago, we started a two-part post on the best tools for visualizing your results and ideas through Python. In the second part, we are completing what we started by introducing 5 extra tools you can leverage to master python visualization or extend your existing demonstration powerhouse. Pygal Documentation: http://www.pygal.org/  Pygal was specially designed

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Advanced python cheat sheets for NNs and deep learning

Forgetting the name of a useful library method, or some important options and parameters is a common problem between data scientists. In our post two weeks ago, we introduced some of the best python cheat sheets we found for basic data science and programming objectives. In this week’s post, we’re talking pro. Here we have

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A Comparison of 10 popular visualization tools for Python – Part 1

Although it may seem unlikely to a beginner, plotting is a critical part of a data science job. You need to master visualization, not only to communicate the results of your work, or make presentations, but to understand the problem itself just at the beginning of your work on a dataset. This phase is called

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Python Cheatsheet

Right now, Python is the prevalent language of AI: a de facto standard for any one who wants to work in data science. From data analysis and visualization to complex deep neural networks, you can do anything with this easy-to-learn, free, open source, understandable, versatile, and library-rich scripting language. The language is not limited to

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5+1 datasets you can use for your beginner data science project

So you’ve started learning data science, and maybe have watched a few video’s of an online course, read a few chapters, or even taken some university courses. The most important step now is to take what you’ve learned to action ASAP. Do, you must now. Here we have gathered a few datasets for beginner projects

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5 common mistakes you will probably make as a beginner data scientist

We all make mistakes and we all know that mistakes are meant to be learned from. It’s Okay to make them, and you will do so many times. Thus we decided to tell you about a few common, well-known mistakes so that you can make your own, different mistakes and actually learn new things:) 1

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Seven interesting AI/ML papers to read this weekend

As everybody says, data science is a fast-evolving and rapidly expanding field. This makes being in sync with the current technical and theoretical progress a priority for every one of us. And while the books are almost always a year or two behind, reading the newest papers is the best way to update your knowledge.

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Five AI basics courses for Five levels of learners

When we started to write a series of blog posts for new data scientists in our blog, we didn’t think it would get more than three or four weekly posts. However, the material was useful to so many of our friends, and ourselves too.  In the last weeks, we introduced some of the best places

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Our short list of recommended newsletters for the data scientists who want to be in pace with the edge of science

We are all looking for exciting and informative articles to read in our free time. On the other hand, we are also tired of deleting emails that suggest articles we never read. In this article, we help find newsletters that bring the articles you are looking for into your inbox, and we are sure you

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Podcast Suggestions for AI enthusiasts

The number of podcast audiences is growing every day. For people who are addicted to learning new things, listening to podcasts is a miracle that helps them make the most out of their wasted time. If you find yourself in this group and want to leverage your commuting time or the time you spend doing

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