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12 Tips for new data scientists on how to grow up in this blooming field

  There is a learning/doing tradeoff. It won’t help to drown yourself in books and formulas before diving into practicalities, but you need to read/learn. You need to master the basics. It is better not to follow the perfectionist's path, because it will lead to the dense forest of confusion where you will never escape

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Researchers can now find the next dangerous strain of Covid by natural language processing algorithms

After nearly a year of remote-working and quarantine, two months ago, the vaccination against covid-19 began. An event that made everyone look forward to covid-less days in the near future while still at home, or outside, wearing their masks and distancing themselves.  Vaccines are effective against pathogens because they train our immune system to recognize

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Recommendations to newbie data scientists who love books, Part 3/3: Readings to begin loving R from Valentine’s day

As popular as python is, the good old language of R still has its perks. Especially when you’re doing data analysis. In the final part of our book introductions, we have chosen five books for newbie data scientists that want to start learning R, the language that has been happily married to statistics for 25

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Fifteen recommended books for fellow data scientists, Part Two: Theoretical aspects of the field

Let's talk about the theory of data science, its concepts, and mathematical foundations. These recommendations are not meant for people who are looking to start from zero or those who seek a fast dive into the practical aspects of data science.  Having this said, I think every good data scientist both enjoys and benefits from

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